Keep cozy. Look cool.

2 Nov

The weather keeps getting colder every week, and it might be time for you to consider what you will need to keep warm while still looking stylish. It is easy for people to just throw on a hoodie, sweatpants, and Ugg boots, but there are better looking ways to stay toasty, and it is still easy!

Boots– Ugg boots are comfy, but instead of wearing them every day consider some more chic pairs. Like these:

A more casual boot

Sweatshirts– Of course, there will be a day where you are tired and just want to throw on a sweatshirt. No big deal! But there are cuter options than an old, gray hoodie (Even though I am guilty of wearing these. Oh well.).  These are pretty cute options:

This would have a nice fit and has cool detailing

I own this! It is a good fit and nice color.









Cardigans– I always wear cardigans because they can easily complete an outfit and keep you warm. Owning a few different ones can beneficial because you can wear one every day.

Scarves– They are a simple, throw-on accessory that will keep your neck warm, but also add some fun to an outfit. You can choose a bright solid color or a stylish pattern. Every woman should own a few to choose from.


Know your style icons: Princess Diana

26 Oct

I have loved Princess Diana ever since I was a little girl. I have always thought she was so beautiful and classy. Not only does her natural beauty make her that way, but so did her style.

My favorite look of hers would have to be this outfit with the great coat and matching skirt paired with adorable flats.

(Ignore Prince Charles and his creepy kilt.)

Princess Diana was never boring when it came to her style. Her outfits were always fun, unexpected, colorful,and bold. Like the picture below on the left, she stands out in a bold blue color. The picture below on the right shows one of her most well-known dresses. It was famous for showing her great figure and not being just another boring black dress.

She had a way of catching everyone’s eye. That is a great fashion lesson you can remember. Try to always be an eye-catcher!

Let’s get edgy

21 Oct

I have never wanted my look to be too bland. I always wanted to add something that gives it some edge and make it look, well, cooler. At one point this desire went as far as wanting to get a tattoo, but I am past that…kind of!

Anyway, I just love to pick out stuff that goes perfectly together, but at times I just want a little more rock ‘n roll in my wardrobe.

Some women never have the desire to dress or accessorize like that. It just is not their style, which is perfectly ok. But for those of you who do, I will give you some tips.

1) Accessories are key. An edgy look is often pulled off by jewelry. Try on a big, bold ring, cuff bracelet, or a long detailed metallic necklace.

Silver cuff bracelet

2) A leather jacket always looks cool and comfy! It does not have to be real leather, but this is a fashionable option for a jacket in the cool weather. A lot of jackets just cover up a cute outfit, but a leather jacket can be PART of an outfit!

Women's brown leather jacket

3)  Shoes, shoes, shoes! The power of shoes is important to recognize. They can make a not-so-exciting outfit look edgier. A pair of nice colorful or embellished flats are casual and easy but also stylish. Heels are an obvious shoe choice to make you look confident, add some edge to an outfit, and help you strut your stuff at any party or event (especially with skinny jeans). Make sure they have some cool detailing to pull off an edgier look.

So long summer!

14 Oct

It is time to put the summer clothes back in the closet! The weather is obviously getting chillier, so that should be a hint to you to put away the summer outfits and pull out the sweaters and boots.

Here are some items that you should say goodbye to for now:

1) Flip Flops/Sandals

2) Any type of white skirt or white pair of pants

3) Summer dresses

No more sandals!

Here are some item to pull out of the closet and start wearing:

1) Boots and flats

2) Scarves

3) Coats

Coat time!

Many are still clinging to parts of their summer wardrobe, but summer is over; it is time to enjoy the cool weather with your cool autumn wardrobe!  This Nashville weather is a bit unpredictable, so it is easy just to slide on a pair of flip flops on a warm day; however, you should prepare for the cool weather and not just with an old sweatshirt. Treat yourself to a shopping trip! I always tend to buy new clothing items when a new season arrives. It can be something you will wear every autumn!

Decade Inspiration: The 1940s

6 Oct

The 1940s fashion focused much on more fitted clothing, perfectly sculpted hair, and perfectly placed makeup. I think women could learn a lot from the trends of the 1940s,especially make up. Today lots of women focus on spray tans and too much eye make- up, but in the 40s women embraced their natural skin tone and put much emphasis on the lips. Instead of always piling on the eyeliner, try a light eye make- up, but a bold lip color. I’m not suggesting walking out in the middle of the day with bright red lipstick, but a tinted lip balm can make your lips stand out without looking overdone.

(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

The dresses in the 1940s were gorgeous. They had great color, detail, voluminous skirts or a fitting silhouette. Women today can still wear dresses like this without looking old- fashioned or out- of- date.

Know your style icons: Jacqueline Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn

22 Sep

When I think of Audrey Hepburn, I think of classic, fashionable style. As one of the biggest fashion icons in history, she is a great style icon to follow. She was famous for her simple, yet chic clothing choices. She always looked charming and elegant.Jacqueline Kennedy is another example of classic style without being boring. She was one of the most stylish first ladies in history, and people have remembered her not just for her role, but how put together and sleek her look was.

So that being said, here is my advice for you. To look good in classic clothes, you must have the right fit. It is easy to get slumpy looking pieces when trying to achieve an effortless look. Here are some key pieces to look for:

1) Trench coat— This could be a woman’s best friend, especially in the fall. It is so simple, but it can complete an outfit and give a very chic look to your wardrobe.

2) Black flats– These shoes are essential for classy look. They are simple,but a great go-to pair of shoes to put with almost any outfit.  If you want a more bold look, try a red pair. They look great with jeans.

3) Black turtle neck– This gives you a sleek look that is great for fall and winter. Although all black seems gloomy,  I encourage you to try some black pieces like a turtle neck. It is just a classic look, not to mention slimming. Be sure you’re comfortable in the turtle neck; sometimes they fit kind of awkwardly.

First Post is Plaid!

8 Sep

For my first style inspiration post, I thought it would be appropriate to introduce the idea of plaid for your wardrobe. Fall is almost here; that means fall fashion is right around the corner, and I think a key piece for a fall wardrobe is a great, button-down, plaid shirt.  Plaid shirts are a great addition because they are a simple way to make your casual, everyday outfits look stylish yet laid back. You do not have to put much effort into your outfit with a plaid shirt because it is the essential “eye catcher” of what you’re wearing.  Plaid shirts come in all sorts of different colors and styles, so you can choose one that you think best fits your figure and personality.

From Google Images

A plaid shirt is one of those great purchases that you wear all the time, and we all love to give ourselves a pat on the back for those kind of buys!