April Messes Bring May Dresses!

21 Apr

Lately the weather has been so yucky that everyone has been having to pull out their rain coats and boots, but when the sun starts shining again, you want to be prepared to look your best in a great dress.

Personally, I think it is great to have more than one spring dress to turn to. Here are 4 essential types:

1) Floral- I have mentioned before how floral is an essential pattern for spring and looks great on a dress if it isn’t over the top. Floral is so feminine and pretty, so it is perfect for spring time.

Floral dress from Forever 21

T Swift rockin the floral


2) Maxi Dresses- These dresses are great for a cute and comfy look. It is long and loose, so you can feel comfortable. It is also flattering and comes in a lot of cute styles Although it is long, you can still keep cool in it.

Bloomingdales Maxi Dress

Kohls Maxi Dress


Casual dresses- Casual dresses are dresses that are easy to slip on and wear all day. Maxi dresses are definitely a type of casual dress, but there are different styles. Shirt dresses are great for a laid back outfit.(Warning: Bra talk up ahead.) For me, casual dresses are ones I can wear a regular bra with, instead of  strapless or any bra substitutes, like those ” super supportive” built in bras. I don’t even know if they have those anymore..

Shirt dress from Forever 21

From Forever 21


4) Nautical- These dresses can be a type of casual dress. I like nautical because it often times has stripes, which I think is adorable. They often come in navy blue, which is great for every skin tone. These dresses are great for beach trips.


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