Who Wears Short Shorts? Not You!

29 Mar

With the weather being unpredictable( Yay random cold weeks…), you won’t be wearing shorts everyday of spring. However, when you do, take this post into consideration.

 It is a common occurance to see girls with tight shorts that go down just enough to cover their bum. That’s not enough!

   It is quite simple: Find shorts that cover the places that are supposed to be covered.

Don’t play dumb; you know where those places are! It is awkawrd and uncomfortable to see. Ew! Blech! Yuck!

Short shorts are only excusable at the beach or pool.

Here are a couple cute alternatives…

Roll up shorts- These type of shorts can be rolled up as high as you want, but do not roll them too high. If you do, they will look like a diaper. These are very cute and casual, and since you get to pick the length, you will always feel comfortable in them.

Gap Roll-Up Shorts

Here is a pair of cute denim roll up shorts…

American Eagle denim roll-up shorts

Cargo shorts: These are very comfy and perfect for a  laid back look for a casual day. You won’t get hot in them, and the right pair and fit can look good on anyone.

LOFT cargo shorts

A longer length, but still cool and cute…

LOVE the pink pair!


Dressy shorts- These shorts are for a more formal enviroment, like an dinner event or a nice lunch( Not church!).  Although I would recommend a skirt or dress, dressy shorts can be appropriate if worn the right way at the right length.

Cute bow detail

Amanda Seyfried in black, dress shorts


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