Spring has Sprung…Almost!

2 Mar

Spring is ready to make its way, so here are some pieces to make a wonderful spring wardrobe!

1) It is too early for sandals.  For some reason, people just rummage for their flip-flops when the temperature hits 60 degrees, but you should just stick with flats for now.

Pretty flat perfect for spring

2) Floral is an obvious spring must-have. Floral epitomizes the spring season! From tops to dresses, it is a feminine touch to an outfit. However, don’t go too bold with it.  It can come across looking tacky or something like a 4 year old would wear. Floral pieces should be flowy and light. This is something I need to buy as well!

2) Pink! What a fun, feminie color.  I just discovered the ” prettiness” of wearing this color. Having an edgy type of style, pink has not appealed to me, but now I appreciate its part in a spring outfit. (I’m not talking hot pink. I’m talking light pink.)

Old Navy Top from oldnavy.com

3) Ruffles are fun details in a spring wardrobe. They are a way to make an outfit more exciting and give an outfit an interesting look. Do not overload ruffles. Ruffles on a top and ruffles on a skirt are good, but not in the same outfit!

Old Navy Tank from oldnavy.com


Old Navy Skirt from oldnavy.com


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