April Messes Bring May Dresses!

21 Apr

Lately the weather has been so yucky that everyone has been having to pull out their rain coats and boots, but when the sun starts shining again, you want to be prepared to look your best in a great dress.

Personally, I think it is great to have more than one spring dress to turn to. Here are 4 essential types:

1) Floral- I have mentioned before how floral is an essential pattern for spring and looks great on a dress if it isn’t over the top. Floral is so feminine and pretty, so it is perfect for spring time.

Floral dress from Forever 21

T Swift rockin the floral


2) Maxi Dresses- These dresses are great for a cute and comfy look. It is long and loose, so you can feel comfortable. It is also flattering and comes in a lot of cute styles Although it is long, you can still keep cool in it.

Bloomingdales Maxi Dress

Kohls Maxi Dress


Casual dresses- Casual dresses are dresses that are easy to slip on and wear all day. Maxi dresses are definitely a type of casual dress, but there are different styles. Shirt dresses are great for a laid back outfit.(Warning: Bra talk up ahead.) For me, casual dresses are ones I can wear a regular bra with, instead of  strapless or any bra substitutes, like those ” super supportive” built in bras. I don’t even know if they have those anymore..

Shirt dress from Forever 21

From Forever 21


4) Nautical- These dresses can be a type of casual dress. I like nautical because it often times has stripes, which I think is adorable. They often come in navy blue, which is great for every skin tone. These dresses are great for beach trips.


Who Wears Short Shorts? Not You!

29 Mar

With the weather being unpredictable( Yay random cold weeks…), you won’t be wearing shorts everyday of spring. However, when you do, take this post into consideration.

 It is a common occurance to see girls with tight shorts that go down just enough to cover their bum. That’s not enough!

   It is quite simple: Find shorts that cover the places that are supposed to be covered.

Don’t play dumb; you know where those places are! It is awkawrd and uncomfortable to see. Ew! Blech! Yuck!

Short shorts are only excusable at the beach or pool.

Here are a couple cute alternatives…

Roll up shorts- These type of shorts can be rolled up as high as you want, but do not roll them too high. If you do, they will look like a diaper. These are very cute and casual, and since you get to pick the length, you will always feel comfortable in them.

Gap Roll-Up Shorts

Here is a pair of cute denim roll up shorts…

American Eagle denim roll-up shorts

Cargo shorts: These are very comfy and perfect for a  laid back look for a casual day. You won’t get hot in them, and the right pair and fit can look good on anyone.

LOFT cargo shorts

A longer length, but still cool and cute…

LOVE the pink pair!


Dressy shorts- These shorts are for a more formal enviroment, like an dinner event or a nice lunch( Not church!).  Although I would recommend a skirt or dress, dressy shorts can be appropriate if worn the right way at the right length.

Cute bow detail

Amanda Seyfried in black, dress shorts

Know Your Style Icons: Audrey Hepburn Part II

11 Mar

I know I wrote about Audrey Hepburn before, but I just can’t get enough of this girl!  She is my number one style inspiration.  I have this huge book full of pictures of her, and I could just look at them all day.

She is famous for having a classy, wonderful sense of style. These are some ways you can have a similiar style like she did.

1) Skinny jeans and flats- She pretty much invented this look. She is famous for the black skinny pants and flats she wore in her movie “Funny Face.” It is easy, classy, and essential.

 2)  Black sunglasses- She famously wore these in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.”  Black sunglasses can be very dramatic and glamorous, especially over-sized ones.  


3)     Leopard print headband- She wore a leopard print hat/headwrap in one of her other movies. It looked adorable. So, a modern day, easier version of that is a leopard print headband.




Spring has Sprung…Almost!

2 Mar

Spring is ready to make its way, so here are some pieces to make a wonderful spring wardrobe!

1) It is too early for sandals.  For some reason, people just rummage for their flip-flops when the temperature hits 60 degrees, but you should just stick with flats for now.

Pretty flat perfect for spring

2) Floral is an obvious spring must-have. Floral epitomizes the spring season! From tops to dresses, it is a feminine touch to an outfit. However, don’t go too bold with it.  It can come across looking tacky or something like a 4 year old would wear. Floral pieces should be flowy and light. This is something I need to buy as well!

2) Pink! What a fun, feminie color.  I just discovered the ” prettiness” of wearing this color. Having an edgy type of style, pink has not appealed to me, but now I appreciate its part in a spring outfit. (I’m not talking hot pink. I’m talking light pink.)

Old Navy Top from oldnavy.com

3) Ruffles are fun details in a spring wardrobe. They are a way to make an outfit more exciting and give an outfit an interesting look. Do not overload ruffles. Ruffles on a top and ruffles on a skirt are good, but not in the same outfit!

Old Navy Tank from oldnavy.com


Old Navy Skirt from oldnavy.com

Work it out

19 Feb

Fashion wise, I know women do not care what they are wearing because they are about to exercise and get all grody, but there are a few pieces of work out clothing that can be comfortable and great to wear while working up a  sweat.

1)  Work out capris– I asked for a pair of these for Christmas. They are super comfortable and easy to slip on and go! They are always a good fit because of the spanx-like material. They’re easy to stretch, run, and move around in.

2)  Colorful tanks- These are good to wear to keep you cool while you’re working out, plus they are bright and fun! 

3) NICE running shoes- I gave up on using my old, worn out tennis shoes I wore to paint a house years ago, and got a brand new pair with cute pink detailing. I love them! There are many colorful detailings on shoes that you can choose from.

You’re beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

18 Nov

The holidays are fast approaching, and that means it is time to find some great outfits for upcoming parties and family gatherings.

I think for this time of year, you should break out the red! A red coat looks very festive when coming in from the cold. I plan on breaking out the red nail polish and my red tinted lip balm.

Another look I love is skirts and dresses with tights and heels.  It’s a perfect look for holiday events and effortlessly chic.

Finally, this is the time of year to get glamorous.  Have fun with your outfits! A sequin cardigan adds glam with just the right amount of sparkle!

Find vintage for free!

10 Nov

You may be surprised what great stuff you can find from your mom, specifically what she used to wear when she was your age!  I realized I can find some great vintage pieces from my mom, like my favorite pair of brown boots that used to be hers. I also got some cool belts. My mom still wears a pretty gold necklace that she has had since she was my age.

Vintage clothes and accessories can be very fashionable, and it is great when you can find some for free from a relative!


Vintage coat



Cool vintage flats

Vintage bangle bracelet